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Chiara Mecozzi

Reconnecting With the Raw: Artist Chiara Mecozzi Paints Her Way Through Periodic

The beauty of art — whether it be photographs, paintings, prints or sculptures — is that each piece contains a story to share with the world. Beginning July 19, Periodic: A Pop-Up Shop is thrilled to share internationally renowned fine artist Chiara Mecozzi’s intricate stories with you.

Chiara will paint her way through Periodic, creating five canvas masterpieces in five days. In each piece Chiara creates, she aims to celebrate the liberation and empowerment of women, which is largely inspired by her own search for connectivity.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she was exposed to the beauty of art at a young age by way of her mother, Miriam Costanza, who is a prominent painter herself. Chiara’s artistic journey is one of self-acceptance, self-discovery and pure expression of the uncluttered mind and heart. In every piece she creates, she builds an intricate storyline that viewers must piece together through their own artistic lenses to find its deeper meaning.

Chiara believes that in a world full of toxic trivialities at every turn, she has the ability to connect and engage with an audience through her expressive energy and inner voice, inviting viewers to step into her world of disentanglements, love, freedom and the strength to be oneself.

Starting with five blank canvases, Chiara invites art fanatics and curious minds into her world as she finishes five masterpieces by the end of her residency on July 23.

On July 24-25, Chiara’s workshop will transform into a pop-up art gallery from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., where all visitors are invited to experience, appreciate and purchase Chiara’s finished works. This pop-up art gallery will also feature another cause for celebration – Periodic’s one-year milestone!

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Periodic will open to the public July 24 and 25 from 11 a.m.–4 p.m. during its one-year anniversary. Stop by to celebrate at 2252 7th Ave. Seattle, WA 98121